The action begins with a wedding in a chapel beside an African river. Elephants are the proverbial uninvited guests, as are the lions which arrive a little later, while crocodiles lie in menacing wait in the muddy African river. Throw in a kidnapping and a courtroom drama and the suspense will keep you turning the pages.

The mob are trying to take over, illegally if necessary, a Big 5 Game Reserve near an international border to use as a staging point to smuggle wild animal parts and diamonds out of South Africa and drugs in. Mo and Jack must now do what they do best, and that is put a spoke in the bad guys wheel.

Jack Delaney and his sidekick, Moses, Mo, Dhlamini, prosecute in court both, poachers and smugglers, while in their free moments they track kidnappers and escaped prisoners across the South African bushveldt on the Big 5 Game Reserves. Visits to imprisoned gang Leaders and clashes with mob hit-men are all part of a days work.