Sarah Hill and Posie Pixie invite you to download these three images FOR FREE print them off and colour them in.

In the first image, from Posie Pixie and the Copper Kettle, you will see Rosa-May shaking Posie's hand after Posie has helped her heal Henry the Horse's hoof. As one good turn derserves another, Rosa-May helped Posie find a new home. Can you see Posie's new home?

In the second image, from Posie Pixie and the Lost Matchbox, you can see Posie waving from inside Raspberry Rabbit's burrow while Raspberry Rabbit hunts for something. What colours are you going to use to colour in all Raspberry Rabbit's treasures?

In the third image, from Posie Pixie and the Torn Tunic, you can see Posie Pixie, Mrs Spottisdowne, Raspberry Rabbit and the hard working Ants jumping with joy when they learn Posie's tunic can be mended. Remember to colour them in the same colours you have used in drawing 2.