Book 1, Posie Pixie And The Copper Kettle, sets the scene for the rest of the series and explains why Posie Pixie finds herself in Whimsy Wood. How does the copper kettle come into it? I hear you ask! Aaaah. Well, youll just have to read the book to find out! Download Excerpt from Posie Pixie And The Cooper Kettle

Book 2 Posie Pixie and the Lost Matchbox finds Posie and Wibble Woodlouse on a hunt for a bed for Wibble. Be sure to check out Flopsy Rabbits Treasure Chest.  Download Excerpt from Posie Pixie And The Lost Matchbox

In Book 3 Posie Pixie and the Torn Tunic poor Posie rips her tunic. Find out how the creatures of Whimsy Wood rally round to help.  Download Excerpt from Posie Pixie And The Torn Tunic

In Book 4 Posie is visited by her cousin, Ping, who has brought a selection of fireworks for a Fireworks Party. Download Excerpt from Posie Pixie And The Fireworks Party. WINNER LITERARY CLASSICS INTERNATIONAL BOOK COMPETITION, Children's Chapter Book section.

In Book 5 Posie and friends set out to find a Christmas Tree for Posie's Copper Kettle house. Download Excerpt from Posie Pixie And The Christmas Tree

In Book 6 Winter has well and truly arrived as Posie and friends are kept indoors by a snowstorm. Joint 1ST PLACE WINNER ROYAL DRAGONFLY BOOK COMPETITIONDownload Excerpt from Posie Pixie And The Snow Storm
In Book 7, the final book in set 1, Posie and Wibble over eat on pancake day and the doctor has to be called. Joint 1ST PLACE WINNER ROYAL DRAGONFLY BOOK COMPETITION

Summary of the Whimsy Wood Series:

The books in Sarah Hill's series are based in a woodland setting called Whimsy Wood. The series is divided into five sets, each containing seven books, making a total of thirty-five books in the series. Each book is written for a specific month in the year, so the flora and fauna change accordingly as you read through the series. Finally, there is a proverb hidden within each story for the reader to find, giving the story a real meaning. The majority of characters within the series are woodland creatures, with the occasional pixie or fairy and a dollop of humour thrown in!

Readers Reviews

'From the very beginning, Sarah Hill transports her young readers to an enchanting, whimsical world, where the adventure of finding a cosy home for autumn becomes a way of making new friends...'
Helen Prince-English and Literacy Advisor.

" Whimsy Wood - A magical and inspiring place where good things happen and treasures can be found in the oddest of places !
Posie Pixies unusual finds enlightens one to the concept of everything and everyone having a purpose in life. Engaging, whimsical, and endearing, Posie Pixie takes us on another adventure in her enchanted forest, Whimsy Wood, to once again capture the heart and true magic of kindness and friendship . "
DBR Books, New York, USA.

Think of the best bits from Enid Blytons fanntastical stories for very young children.
Chopsy-Baby, Bristols Online Parenting Magazine.

"I love reading this story and I imagine being a Pixie and going on adventures like Posie."
Kate Hagelthorn aged 6 yrs.

"I really liked reading this book and finding out about Posie Pixie's next adventure. I'd like to meet those ants!"
Thomas Antrobus aged 6 yrs.

10% of the net profit from the sale of this book will be donated to The Wildlife Trusts.