"This is a wonderful land, fellows, full of legend and story, vast mountains, vast rivers, vast jungles, unexplored territory and unconquered tribes.

It was Jack Hampton speaking, and he leaned on the rail of a coastwise steamer, as she came to anchor in the open roadstead of Valparaiso.

I wonder what lies ahead, said Frank Merrick, leaning beside him. We ought to get some adventure out of this, besides mere civilized travel.

Even Bob Temple, the most matter-of-fact of the three chums known as the Radio Boys, felt his imagination stirred..

And so begins the latest adventure of the Radio Boys. An adventure that will see them follow the threads of an old tale and take them in search of Inca treasure - into forbidden monasteries and through hollow mountains in search of a fabled and enchanted city. A journey that would take them through age-old Andean forests only to be betrayed, captured and imprisoned in an ancient Acropolis then brought on trial in front of the Council of the Incas to find an unlikely ally who helps them escape.

This book has been republished to raise funds for PROJECT PERU which runs a refuge in Zapallal, north of Lima. Project Peru is committed to those living in poverty and denied so much. It is their objective to return to the people of Peru, dignity through self-sufficiency and security through co-operation. 33% of the Publishers profit from the sale of this book will be donated to this worth cause. www.ProjectPeru.org.uk

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