DANNY MCALISTERs adventures start with McAlisters Way in which 15 year old Danny McAlister assaults a school-master while defending a younger boy from abuse in a draconian Australian boarding school. His flight takes him through Northern Queensland to the New Guinea Highlands where he searches for his father, lost while fighting the Japanese during WWII on the Kokoda Track. Thrown into an unforgiving adult world he grows up fast and becomes embroiled in union wars amongst cane cutters, joins the crew of prawn trawler in the Gulf of Carpentaria and gets mixed up with smugglers and vicious Filipino pirates in the Bismark Sea. While there he becomes involved in New Guinea's burgeoning aviation industry. He teams up with Mad Monty, an eccentric Afro-American pilot and Angela, the stunning teenage daughter of an English missionary. And so begins the first adventure of Danny McAlister..

Only months after escaping from Frenchy Duvals band of cut throat pirates (McAlisters Way), Danny McAlister and Angela Holyman are once again thrown into a thrilling, helter-skelter adventure in their tropical, South-Sea paradise in McAlisters Hoard. Following only the flimsiest clues they embark on a perilous treasure hunt in a desperate struggle against old enemies in order to save the lives of new friends.

After 73 years French Indo China (modern day Cambodia, China, Laos and North Vietnam) has ceased to be and nations are at war. In McAlisters Siege Danny McAlister and Mad Monty are on the run once more. They find themselves working for General Claire Chennaults China Air Transport only to be dragged into the last throes of the Chinese Civil War and then onto Korea where Danny learns first-hand the horrors of battle. But far worse is yet to come. After the Korean cease-fire, General Chennault assigns Danny to Vietnam where he rejoins his old flame, med-student, Angela Holyman. Unwittingly Danny and Angela are thrown into the desperate, bloody climax of the siege at Dien Bien Phu.

McAlisters Allegiance is the final instalment of four action-packed novels following the adventures of Danny, Angela and Monty. As with the previous three books, this one races along at the speed of light with our trio bouncing from one crisis after another. The adventure starts in what was called French Indo-China and crosses all 5 continents with action and high-adventure along the way. Ultimately all three come to a cross-road in their lives where they must decide where their futures lie. It is in this momentous decision that their allegiances are finally put to the test.

In McAlisters Spark the developed world is destroyed and plunged into anarchy in an instant. Can Zach McAlister (Dannys Grandson), Karen Davenport and Mike Farrow survive as theyre thrust into a feral and deadly new order?
Not only must they come to terms with their Stone Age environment and the use of only Medieval technology, but also face the terror of marauding tribal gangs, whose only method of survival is violence and conquest.
Will they be able to forge a future themselves and their descendants? The question can only be answered through their courage, determination and friendship. But, is that enough?
Set in Australia, this will be the last book in the McAlister series and has scenes of On the Beach meeting Mad Max. A thrilling and entertaining read for teenagers and young adults. Action and adventure abounds which keeps you turning the pages.