From the pen of TERRY HAYWARD, himself a retired criminal attorney who practised law in South Africa during the apartheid years. An avid wildlife conservationist, Terry has fictionalised a number of his most notorious cases and has linked them to the blight of poaching sweeping the continent of Africa. The result is almost 2,000 pages of non-stop action, adventure, drama and mystery from crowded high-rise cities to the rural remoteness of the African bushveld.

In the latest work in the series, THE HANGING TREE, sees lawyer Jack Delaney, and his six-foot-seven sidekick Moses Dlamini, known as the Refrigerator, called in to investigate a kidnapping, in reality a lever to bribe the owners of a game reserve to sell. In turn, it becomes the catalyst in a host of actions and re-actions leading to unexpected alliances, coupled with violence, murder and confrontations with lions, elephants and crocodiles in the wild.

Terry has always been perturbed that all the books that end up becoming best-sellers nowadays seem to be judged by the amount of foul language and sexual activity they can incorporate into the story. The Jack Delaney chronicles are his contribution to writing a really good yarn without having to resort to such ruses.

There is one more book in the series still in the pipeline which Terry hopes to get to Abela Publishing within the next month or so.

10% of the Authors royalty will be donated to WILDLIFE ACT a conservation charity in KZN (KwaZulu-Natal), South Africa.

The bookset includes (so far):
ISBN: 978-1-907256-22-6 Murder is Just the Warning
ISBN: 978-1-909302-53-2 Divorce By Murder
ISBN: 978-1-909302-68-6 Murder to Order
ISBN: 978-1-909302-74-7 Aphrodisiac
ISBN: 978-1-909302-95-2 Who Takes This Woman
ISBN: 978-1-910882-65-8 The Hanging Tree