When the Mob try to purchase a luxury, big five game reserve, right next to an international border in South Africa, all hell breaks loose!

A kidnapping, to menace the owners of the reserve to sell, becomes the catalyst in a host of actions and re-actions leading to unexpected alliances, coupled with violence, murder and confrontations with lions, elephants and crocodiles in the wild.

This interspersed with investigations into the illegal poaching of rhinos and elephants and the smuggling of animal products out of the country. Add to this the emergence of illicit diamond buying and smuggling, the tracking of escaped prisoners, and the parry and thrust of a high stakes courtroom drama, and you have a real page-turner you wont be able to put down.

The action is high octane, keeping the story moving quickly with changing scenes as Jack Delaney follows the clues and investigates the latest exciting mystery !!!