The Drainpipe Gang - The Adventures of Chris and Andy Smythe ebook

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The Drainpipe Gang - The Adventures of Chris and Andy Smythe ebook

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The Drainpipe Gang - The Adventures of Chris and Andy Smythe ebook

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The Drainpipe Gang - The Adventures of Chris and Andy Smythe

Chris and Andy Smythe are ten year old twins. They live in a small village called Kingstanton in West Cornwall where they live with their mum & dad.

It is the school summer holidays and the two brothers are hanging out with their friends Callum and Tom. Their days are spent building and riding go-carts and playing at the secret camp deep in the local woods.

Strange happenings and discoveries! lead Chris and Andy and their dog Blackie, into their first of many adventures.

It has been a long time since a series of books were brought out to equal Enid Blyton’s Famous Five and Secret Seven – but here is the first instalment “The Drainpipe Gang” by Theresa Sargeant.

Theresa originally invented these stories as bedtime stories for her children and for some unknown reason wrote them down.

It is only now they are being published and the world’s children will be Better off for it.

Excerpt from The Drainepipe Gang

The Adventures of Chris and Andy Smythe

They were the chaps that we saw yesterday evening he continued.
"They may be just the sort of chaps to be using the tools we found in the car said Chris.
I wonder what theyre up to? said Tom.

Again the boys sat down for a drink and biscuit and refreshments, and Blackie joined them. They discussed the four men, and Andy had made up some more names for the other chaps and everyone had to agree that they suited the men very well.

The tall bald one was called Egg Head, the thick set one with the flat nose was nicknamed Bruiser, and the bearded one with frizzy hair was called Bog Brush and the final man was nicknamed Evil Eyes due to the evil look in his eyes.

They all played at the camp that afternoon and didn't see the men again that day.

A few days later back at the woods Andy and Chris were playing alone as Callum and Tom were busy. Even Blackie was absent as he was at home. Chris and Andy decided to explore a good distance into the woods around the camp and maybe make some traps to see if anyone was frequenting the area and hoping to scare them off.

They made a bearpit which was very hard work as the ground was very hard and full of tree roots. It was a shallow pit more like a flea pit laughed Andy.

The boys also pulled back bendy twigs and secured them with green twine. When the twine was broken the branch would fling back and maybe hit whoever was following behind! Or if no-one was behind, enough to make a sound loud enough to startle them.

It was while they were approaching a clearing that they saw something by a big bush. It was a red rucksack. It wasn't hidden but then who would happen along here? It was deep in the woods, not near a path or landmark. The boys crouched in the ferns and listened. There was not a sound apart from birds singing in the trees. So Chris ran out quick and grabbed the bag and dragged it into the ferns where they were hiding.

They opened it, still listening. It contained a small bag of cash, about twenty pounds. Chris and Andy could see two five pound notes and various coins, a notepad and pen. Chris and Andy put it all back into the bag and looked at each other. Then they heard a faint snap like twig being stepped on! Andy literally threw the bag out and crouched down very low, Chris lay beside him. A figure dressed in khaki colours approached slowly, looking all around him. He snatched up the bag and moved on swiftly hardly making a sound. The boys just looked and had a think about what they had just seen....

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