LOUIS RAEMAEKERS will stand out for all time as one of the supreme figures which the Great War called into being. His genius was enlisted in the service of mankind, and his work is entirely sincere and untouched by racial or national prejudice, will endure. When the intense passions, which have been awakened by this world struggle, have faded away, civilization will regard the war largely through these wonderful drawings.

It was left to France to pay the most fitting recognition to his genius and to his services in the cause of freedom and truth. In 1916 the Cross of the Legion of Honour was presented to him, and a special reception was held in his honour at La Sorbonne.

It has been well said that no man living amidst these surging seas of blood and tears has come nearer to the role of Peacemaker than Raemaekers. The peace which he works for is not a matter of arrangement between diplomatists and politicians; it is the peace which the intelligence and the soul of the Western world will insist on in the years to come.

During the Inter-war period he lived in Brussels and campaigned in favour of the League of Nations. He also tried to alert public opinion to the danger of Nazism to world peace. On the outbreak of WWII he moved to the USA where he, as ever, remained active, bringing the atrocities of the WWII to the publics attention through his weekly cartoons in the New York Herald Tribune and the afternoon tabloid PM.