COME and meet some more of the quirky woodland characters in the 3rd book of this delightful series!

"Posie Pixie just gets better and better! I love all the animal characters!"
Poppaea Aldridge aged 5 yrs.

Think of the best bits from Enid Blytons fantastical stories for very young children.
Chopsy-Baby, Bristols Online Parenting Magazine.

"I love the Posie Pixie books! I really like reading about the nature in the forest and the colours that you can find there."
Freddie Lea, aged 6 yrs.

"This engaging tale of the Whimsy Wood folk and their merry antics, will enchant children and transport them into the world of make-believe!"
Mrs Carol Clough, Headteacher at Crockerton and Heytesbury Primary Schools, Wiltshire.

"I love reading this story and I imagine being a Pixie and going on adventures like Posie."
Kate Hagelthorn aged 6 yrs.

"I really liked reading this book and finding out about Posie Pixie's next adventure. I'd like to meet those ants!"
Thomas Antrobus aged 6 yrs.