It's January in Whimsy Wood and Posie Pixie's just made 2 new friends! Come and meet Violet Vole and her best friend Sonny Shrew (the coolest dude in Whimsy Wood!) in this enchanting tale of friendship and fun overcoming the elements!



'I loved this story! It was really funny when a snowflake knocked the pink flower off Wibble Woodlouse's head!' - Norah Dunworth aged 7yrs.

'I wish I could play with Posie and her friends, sliding down the copper kettle spout!' - Stanley Baker, aged 7yrs.

'Another perfect nature and fun-filled addition to the magical world of Whimsy Wood. We loved reading this book with its descriptive text. It's great that these books are educational as well as fun!' - Briony, blogger for

'I was so happy when Posie's bluebell hat jingled and tinkled again and it wasn't fed up anymore.' - Hannah Underwood aged 6yrs.

'Brilliant book! The snowball fight was so cool! I like Sonny Shrew as he wears shorts in winter, just like me!' - Max Lewis aged 6yrs.

'Readers are transported to Posie Pixie's delightful micro world of wonder and awe. I thoroughly enjoyed the story. The ending leaves you wanting to know what Posie and her woodland friends will get up to next!' - Jillian Gorra, Reading Recovery Teacher, Ilminster Avenue, E-ACT Academy, Bristol.