It's now November in Whimsy Wood and Posie's going to be paid a visit by a certain special someone.... Who could this be? Will Posie be pleased? Find out in the 4th book from this delightful series.

Readers Reviews

"Adorably British ! I wished this book was in my library whenI was a young gal. "
Vegbooks.org, Washington, D.C., USA

" I want to smell Pixie hokey-pokey and hear shouts of fan-fizzle-tastic!" when Ping Pixie visits! I'd like to know him! "
Louie Baldwin, aged 11 years

" I loved it! I want to see the fireworks! "
Imogen Nuttall, aged 6 years

" Children smile their way through this book, whether listening or reading for themselves. There's a plethora of woodland animals helping the ever cheerful Posie and the "squeak squeak squeak" of Wibble Woodlouse, children just adore! "
Mrs Kerry Parker, Deputy Head at Corsham Primary School, Corsham, Wiltshire

" It was really funny when Wibble snored with her feet in the air! It's so cool that Ping is a boy pixie who sometimes sets fire to his hair! "
Rory Gaule, aged 5 years

" I love all the Posie Pixie books! I especially loved reading about the fireworks! "
Daisy Inman, aged 6 years

" I liked all of this book! "
Sam Gaule, aged 4 years

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