IN the 520 pages of this book you will find the eleven books containing the story and adventures of the story of the Tuatha de Danaan and of the Fianna of Ireland. Stories of THE COMING OF THE TUATHA, LUGH OF THE LONG HAND, THE EVER-LIVING LIVING ONES, FINN, SON OF CUMHAL and his Helpers, of DIARMUID, OISIN and PATRICK, THE WEARING AWAY OF THE FIANNA and, oh, so much more.

Fortunately there is little need for to discuss the credibility or otherwise of the historic records concerning Finn, his family, and his band of warriors. Preceding even the Ottomans, the real objective existence of the Fenians was as a body of Janissaries who actually lived, ruled, and hunted in King Cormac's time, clustering about them hundreds of stories, traits, and legends far older and more primitive than any to which they themselves could have given rise.

In recent times the Irish have spread to all four corners of the world, taken these magnificent stories and spread them far and wide. Even though they have left the Emerald Isle they remain steadfastly Irish to their core. And they would say, like Finn to the to the woman of enchantments,

"We would not give up our own countryIrelandif we were to get the whole world as an estate, and the Country of the Young along with it."

The ancient story-tellers are there to make us remember what mankind would have been like, had not fear and the failing will and the laws of nature tripped up its heels. The Fianna and their like are themselves so full of power, and they are set in a world so fluctuating and dream-like, that nothing can hold them from being all that the heart desires.

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