This volume contains two Viking or Norse sagas, or stories, rewritten especially for children and young adults. This was the time when men were knighted for achieving great feats, and great their feats were. A time when the successful application of brain and brawn gained a man high standing in the community and possibly even higher office in the land.

The records of lives nobly lived are an inspiration to noble living. With the hope that the courage, truth, endurance, reverence, and patriotism shown by these heroes of the Northland will arouse interest and emulation. This little book is offered to our young adults and children.

"The Story of Frithiof" is based upon Holcomb's translation of Bishop Tegnér's poem, "The Saga of Frithiof" which charts Frithiofs and Ingeborgs undying love for each other and the lengths Frithiof had to go to, to eventually win her hand. If ever a story was to teach the young about perseverance and endurance, this is it.

The epic Beowulf was written in England, but is set in Scandinavia. It has variously been dated to between the 8th and the early 11th centuries. The original is an epic poem told in historical perspective; a story of epic events and of great people of a heroic past. It follows the life of Beowulf, his rites of passage and his maturing from boy to man through facing and overcoming adversity and evil.

For centuries the songs of Homer, the blind poet of Greece, recounting the heroic deeds of the great Hector and lion-hearted Achilles, have delighted the children, young and old, of many lands. But part of our own heritage, and nearer to us in race and time, are these stories of Beowulf and Frithiof (Fridtjhof) rewritten especially for children and young adults.

33% of the publishers profit from this book will be donated to charity.