A Coming of Age YA book set in 1920's California.

Nan is an orphan child travelling with a gypsy caravan. She is adopted and educated by a wealthy woman who loves her as if she were her own child. Her benefactress loses her fortune, but Nan does her part to help the household survive economically. When her long lost uncle arrives from Romania, Nan learns that her father was a famous Gypsy musician and her mother came from a wealthy and important Romanian family. When her mother and father died unexpectedly when she was a baby, she was given to her fathers sister to be raised among the Gypsies. Difficulties among the Gypsy clan forced her to leave the caravan, and thus she was adopted and raised by the wealthy woman. In the end, a neighbour boy who has loved Nan for years marries her, and they go on a Gypsy honeymoon in a roulotte. (round-topped wooden caravan pulled by horse). This book is indeed a bit of a fairy tale.

NOTE: Some interesting parts of this story to me is that the book was written in 1926, and it takes place in southern California. The band of Gypsies were in fact, trying to go over the border into Mexico.