MURDER in a public park, the daughter of a jailed mob boss is kidnapped and so the action begins. All this violence is just to be a warning, and put pressure on, a jailed mobster to prevent him spilling all to the authorities.

The mobsters gardener is arrested for the murder, lively courtroom drama ensues and the lawyer and his private investigator are hired to find the missing child. The search leads to a mob farm on the Highveld near Johannesburg, into the slums of Hillbrow then into the township of Soweto.

This is followed by a mad dash into neighbouring Zimbabwe to rescue the investigators young brother in law from a group of rogue Zimbabwean soldiers involved in rhino horn poaching and reaches its terrifying climax in an encounter with an enraged Hippopotamus in the Limpopo riverbed.

TERRY HAYWARD is a retired Anglican Priest who previously practised law in Durban, South Africa, for 25 years. He is married to Rita and the two now live in New Zealand with their daughter, son in law and two of their grandchildren.

Their son was a game ranger in Zululand for 15 years and married a Canadian who is also deeply into conservation. The family have always had a deep love for conservation and that is where the inspiration for this and Terrys other books stems from.

Terry has written a previous book, Father in Law, and is presently working on his next book.