Joshua trips and falls and enters an unseen world.

While in this surreal world, he encounters a gigantic orangey-purple Sun with mysterious dark and light blue rings spinning around in a sky of pink and vanilla. Around him are red and green rocks and rolling green meadows full of wild flowers. On the horizon are turquoise and violet mountains. Joshua can only wonder what secrets and treasures are hidden there.

This is an illuminating world with one King......and in this magnificent kingdom Joshua also learns how to fly!


"Lovely! A very, very good book”…"Joshua Talks to God is a truly charming children's story which explores a magical kingdom that we can all dream of visiting one day... it's beautiful and encouraging to read for children and parents."
Lisa Davis, Family Radio Presenter, Surrey, U.K.

This is the ideal book for showing 5 to 12 year olds that God is in control and that He will be beside them throughout their walk through life.
John Halsted, Author and Publisher