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I am most impressed with Abela.

Very competitive price and delivery cost was surprisingly low. Read More.

5 Stars

The service was second to none and the price was great, its the best service I have received from any online purchase. Read More

5 Stars

Take you and your child's imagination on a journey of wonder

From Folklore Books to Poetry Books, from Illustrated Childrens Books to Internet Joke Books, you can be sure that with Abela, you will find great books that will truly inspire.

Fast forward to a futuristic stone age where mechanical devices cease to exist and the world of Blackout, as depicted in the Channel 4 programme aired in Autumn 2013, becomes a reality.

With every book sale donating at least a third of profit to charity, not only are you stimulating your mind, but your conscience too.

Going on that long journey in the car? Simply click through and you will truly keep them in that imaginary world for hours and more importantly, in a state of tranquillity for the drive.

Offered in both ebook or paperback form, our unique titles are available exclusively to you. These books are not available on the high street, meaning that with Abela, you are guaranteed an amazing read.

If you simply read our feedback, you will find that we are truly offering a unique service, backed by a free ebook every time.

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