A GREAT READ FOR KIDS and for use around campfires!

Herein you will find seventeen stories of adventure and legend from Vancouver Island, or the land known as Wakash Nation. Stories like The Legend Of The Thunder Birds, How Shewish Became A Great Whale Hunter, The Finding Of The Tsomass and of course The Legends of Eut-Le-Ten, Vancouver Islands own Maui.

Here you will read stories of the lone Indian paddling his canoe on the waters of the Western sounds, savouring the scent of cedar hidden amongst the Toh-a-mupt, or Sitca, spruce, with its scaly bark and prickly spine; the feathery foliage of the Quilth-kla-mupt, the western hemlock. The frond-like branches and aromatic scent betray to him the much-prized Hohm-ess, the giant cedar tree, from which he carves his staunch canoe.

These are the woods in which Eut-Le-Ten roamed and hunted and dreamed of winning the hand of Nas-nas-shups daughter who resided in land beyond the sky. Enamoured with this thought, Eut-Le-Ten shot arrow after arrow towards heaven making a rope of shafts. Then when his rope was high enough, he climbed the rope to land above and beyond to claim the hand of Nas-nas-shups daughter. Read about this in The Arrow Chain To Heaven. But claiming his princess would not be as simple as he thought. Armed with the charms he received after helping The Two Blind Squaws, he had to overcome The Four Terrors Guarding The House Of Nas-Nas-Shup and the endure The Trial By Fire before he could eventually claim his bride.

Eut-le-ten eventually returned to earth and was counted as a chief more learned than any that had ever been.