Hannah lives in a village that used to be very beautiful and peaceful, but things have changed recently and everyone is living under a terrible threat from a dragon. It comes out at night and is burning everything in the village.

The mayor has given the people a great big shining sword for some brave person to take up the challenge and fight the dragon. It is left lying on the rock in the village square.

Things have become desperate and the village must be saved from the dragon which is destroying everything. Nobody else is brave enough until Hannah finds the courage and does the almost impossible. But of course nothing is altogether impossible when you are doing something for the ones you love. She takes it upon herself to save them all from total ruin, picks up the heavy sword and goes to meet the dragon in face-to-face combat.

When Hannah meets the dragon all the mysteries are solved. The mystery of what happened to the handsome prince and his beautiful wife and where the rock in the village square came from. She also finds the reason why the dragon only came out at night. But just who is the Green Witch?