This first volume contains stories, tales and legends from Turkey, Romania and Bukowina (Bukovina) an historical region now split between Ukraine and Romania (not to be confused with Bukowina, Poland.) In this volume you will find stories of "the Vampire", "the Two Thieves", "the Gypsy and the Priest", "the Enchanted City" and many more.

This book is a treasure chest of classic Gypsy Folklore, and makes fascinating reading for those interested in folklore in general, but especially for those interested in the Roma people. Francis Hindes Groome collated and prepared this collection, making only few changes and remaining true to the original stories, so to let the written story enchant us as if it were being presented in the vernacular.

In his various other works, Groome raises the point that Europe possibly owes a great deal of its folklore heritage to Gypsies, who brought tales from East to West. If this is the case, then even the most rooted of Europeans must attribute a portion of their culture to the Gypsy lifestyle. Simply stated, these stories are their stories, but in an earlier form.

So take some time out and curl up with this book. Be swept back in time to another place, where the carefree lifestyle of the Gypsy rules and the burdens of today are forgotten - albeit temporarily.

In buying this book you will have donated to the relief of the underprivileged people of Romania through the Relief Fund for Romania.