HOW would you know if or when God called you to serve Him full time? Would you dismiss His call as you would an annoying insect or would you sit up and listen? After all He has your name and number and He isnt calling for nothing.....

While this little book was written to chronicle my own call, I'm sure it's message is equally for you as I have no doubts that God is calling you and it would be a tragedy if you missed the call. If you are really serious about exploring your call, and that may well not be into the ordained ministry, this book will give you suggestions on how to test that call. The Bible tells us that we are all saints and in the same way I believe we are all to be ministers. After all, we are encouraged to test things and in the back of the mind will always be that great question mark. Is it indeed God calling or is it just wishful thinking on my part?

TERRY was a practising lawyer for 25 years before answering a call into the ordained ministry in the Anglican Church of Southern Africa. As a Priest he spent time as a Prison Chaplain as well as a Hospital Chaplain before being appointed to parish ministry.

He is now retired from full-time ministry, lives in New Zealand and spends his spare time writing novels and religious books. He hopes to write at least one or two more.