A FEAST OF CELTIC FOLKLORE. 503 Celtic folk tales from across the British Isles. Tales like the Spear of Victory, How the Son Gobhaun Saor Shortened the Road, Hudden and Dudden and Donald O'Neary, The Fate of the Children of Lir, King O'toole and St. Kevin, Fair, Brown and Trembling, The King Of Erin and The Queen Of The Lonesome Island plus 496 more!

The books in this set are:

ISBN: 978-1-907256-05-9 - Celtic Fairy Tales, 358pg, 26 stories
ISBN: 978-1-907256-32-5 - Legends and Popular Tales of the Basque People, 318pg, 13 stories
ISBN: 978-1-907256-36-3 - Celtic Wonder Tales, 202pg, 13 stories
ISBN: 978-1-907256-27-1 - More Celtic Fairy Tales, 274pg, 20 stories
ISBN: 978-1-907256-02-8 - Popular Tales of the West Highlands Vol 1, 334pg,23 stories
ISBN: 978-1-907256-06-6 - Popular Tales of the West Highlands Vol 2, 314, 30 stories
ISBN: 978-1-907256-93-6 - Scottish Fairy and Folk Tales, 392pg, 23 stories
ISBN: 978-1-907256-92-9 - The Four Ancient Books of Wales, 606pg, 131 stories
ISBN: 978-1-907256-68-4 - Welsh Fairy Book, 284pg, 85 stories
ISBN: 978-1-907256-03-5 - Welsh Fairy Tales and Other Stories, 100pg, 24 stories
ISBN: 978-1-909302-42-6 - THE HIGH DEEDS OF FINN and other Bardic Romances of Ancient Ireland, 328pg, 20 stories
ISBN: 978-1-907256-77-6 - The Phynodderree - tales from the Isle of Man, 188pg, 5 stories
ISBN: 978-1-909302-39-6 - Dragon Tales For Boys Only, 318pg, 28 stories