The latest book in the award winning WHIMSY WOOD SERIES. Will Fearne Fairy finally master the art of landing? Who will help her overcome her flying flaw? What role do Dewberry Dragonfly and Bristle Bumblebee play in this latest adventure in Whimsy Wood? Find out in this 10th enchanting story from the award-winning Whimsy Wood Series.

"I loved this story! I wouldn't like to eat scrambled ant eggs for breakfast though!" Gwenie Stewart aged 6 years.

"Imaginations are sure to soar as young readers envision the enchanting world of Whimsy Wood and all its delightful woodland folk." Literary Classics, USA.

"I loved it when Fearne showed the May bugs and stag beetles how to land. The whole book is awesome with some funny bits!" Eliana Aldridge aged 6 years.

"I loved Mustard and his funny foods! It's great that Whimsy Wood has its own choir!" Letty Hale aged 9 years.

"A gorgeous book glowing with fun, magic and charm." Tamsin Cooke author of 'Cat Burglar' and 'Mission Gone Wild' from 'The Scarlet Files'.

"This book gave me great dreams! I loved it!" William Twiner-Griggs aged 5 years.

"All of the characters had brilliant names, especially 'Mustard the Magpie Moth Caterpillar'! This is a marvellous book for all ages." Tatum Owen, aged 8 years.