Meet Fearne Fairy! She loves to sing and fly but is hopeless at landing! Come on this next exciting adventure in Whimsy Wood with Fearne and the delightful woodland folk, in which sharing and teamwork play a crucial role in solving Fearne's dilemma.....


"This is a warm and lyrical spring tale, in which Fearne Fairy teaches some mischievous bunnies an important lesson. Whimsy Wood is a magical setting, filled with perky woodland characters."- Sarah Hillier, County Children's Librarian, Wiltshire, UK.

"I loved Fearne's singing in this magical book. My new rabbit will be called Raspberry!" - Millie Westmacott, 5 years.

"A great bedtime story full of magical creatures and fluffy bunnies." - Freya Love, 8 years.

"I love Fearne Fairy as she's funny and friendly, clever and wise." - Ella Evans, 6 years.