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Very few of the 20 fairy tales included in this volume have been presented before in an English dress; this will doubtless enhance their value in the eyes of the young folk, for whom, principally, they are intended. Herein you will find tales like THE TWELVE MONTHS - the story of Marouckla, who is set seemingly impossible tasks by her stepmother, but with the help of the Twelve Months overcomes and succeeds. THE LOST CHILD the story of a childless Noble couple who pray earnestly for a child. Their wish is granted with one condition that that the childs feet never touched the earth until it was twelve years old Then you have the stories of THE SOVEREIGN OF THE MINERAL KINGDOM, OHNIVAK, TEARS OF PEARLS, KINKACH MARTINKO and many, many more.

These tales have been translated and illustrated by EMILY J. HARDING. The accompanying 55 illustrations and headpieces speak for themselves, and are what might have been expected from the artist of her calibre. The translation has been carefully revised by a well-known writer, who has interfered as little as possible with the original text, except in those instances where slight alterations were necessary.

The Slav race is considerably diverse, both genetically and culturally. Famous Slavs in recent times are Pope John Paul II, the first human astronaut Yuri Gagarin, former President of Russia Mikhail Gorbachev and electrician/inventor Nikola Tesla. In earlier times Slavic groups also migrated as far North as Scandinavia, and constituted elements amongst the Vikings; whilst at the other geographic extreme, Slavic mercenaries fighting for the Byzantines and Arabs settled Asia Minor and even as far East as Syria.

So sit back in a comfy chair with a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy these forgotten tales, lost to Western readers for over 100 years.

33% of the net profit from the sale of this book will be donated to charities.