Contained within this illustrated volume for children are the stories of East of the Sun and West of the Moon, Monica the Moon Child and The Swan Maidens all classic childrens stories from yesteryear. Also included are two Moon Poems, or rather, poems which relate to the moon. They are The Man in the Moon and Hey Diddle, Diddle which can also be considered classic childrens rhymes.

In preparing these stories for publication, the aim has been to preserve, as much as possible, in vocabulary and idiom, the original folklore language, and retain the conversational style of the teller of tales, in order that the sympathetic young reader may, in greater or less degree, be translated into the atmosphere of the old-time story-hour. In this we have havent changed a word. Where they have been available, we have also used the original illustrations which assists in retaining that ethereal and old-world feel from a time when what we take for granted today, was still yet to be discovered.

You may be asking why we have tried to replicate these old stories and tales so accurately? In recent years there has been a wholesome revival of interest in old and forgotten folklore and tales and the ancient art of story-telling. The most thoughtful, progressive educators and parents have come to recognize the cultural value of folklore and fairy tales, fables and legends, not only as means of fostering and directing the power of the child's imagination, but as a basis for literary interpretation and appreciation throughout life not to mention increasing the literacy ability of children.

So, find that comfy chair, have your child snuggle in and set fire to their imagination with this short collection of MOON STORIES for CHILDREN.