THIS is a second volume of 15 Czech, Slovak and Moravian folk tales, fairy tales and childrens stories retold in English by Parker Fillmore, with excellent illustrations and decorations by Jan Matulka. Herein you will find stories like LONGSHANKS, GIRTH, AND KEEN, THE THREE GOLDEN HAIRS, THE FLAMING HORSE, THE THREE CITRONS and many others.

These tales have been drawn from original Slavic sources, and were chosen for their variety of subject and range of interest. These are tales conceived with all the gorgeousness of the Slavic imagination; charming little nursery tales that might be told in nurseries the world over; folk tales illustrative of the wit of a canny people as surprising to the Anglo-Saxon imagination as they are entertaining.

This rendering of some of the old Czechoslovak tales is not offered as a literal translation or a scholarly translation but have been retold in a way that the translator hoped would please children in the West. He has endeavoured to retain the flavor of the originals but has taken the liberty of a short cut here and an elaboration there wherever these have seemed to me to make the English version clearer and more interesting.

33% of the publishers net profit from the sale of this book will be donated to charities.