THIS is a photographic journal of an epic 11,200km / 6,956 mile road trip around South Africa undertaken by Mark Liprini commencing in March 2014. Planning to use as many backroads as possible, you would think Mark would have used a suitable 4WD vehicle. In search of a challenge Mark decided to use his trusty 1982 Classic Mini affectionately named Pumba after a character in The Lion King® because the antenna on the cars rear which sticks up like a warthog's tail when it runs.

Mark is a fulltime pilot with Missionary Aviation Fellowship (MAF). He is based at Lanseria Airport, just north of Johannesburg, and can be found flying missionaries, medical supplies and cargo into most Southern African countries with the odd foray into more Northern African countries like the Sudan, Kenya, Chad or Tanzania.

When Mark was asked Why undertake such an epic journey? He replied with the all-time classic


10% of the net profits from the sale of this book will be donated to charities in South Africa.