A GREAT READ FOR KIDS wanting to discover the world of magic and fairies on their own.

Herein are not the most common folk and fairy tales. In this volume are 35 of the most unusual tales. Tales like "The Three Robes", "Lovely Ilonka", "The Colony of Cats", "Motiratika", "Niels and the Giants", "The Majic Kettle" and many more collected and translated by the late, great Andrew Lang.

But why call them FAIRY TALES? One cannot imagine a child saying, 'Tell me a folk-tale', or 'Another nursery tale, please, grandma'. Fairy tales are stories in which something majical occurs. Something 'fairy', something extraordinary--fairies, giants, dwarfs, speaking animals, or the remarkable stupidity of some of the characters.

As to whether there are really any fairies or not, that is a difficult question. The Editor never saw any himself, but he knew several people who have seen them-in the Highlands-and heard their music. If ever you are in Nether Lochaber, go to the Fairy Hill, and you may hear the music yourself, as grown-up people have done, but you must go on a fine day.

33% of the net profit from the sale of this book will be donated to the TEMI CHARITABLE TRUST in the Republic of Georgia.