A GREAT READ FOR KIDS wanting to discover the world of magic and fairies on their own.

Herein you will find another set of 37 Fairy Tales collected by Andrew Lang - Britains answer to the Grimm brothers. Within you will find perennial favourites like HANSEL AND GRETTEL, LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD, THE SLEEPING BEAUTY IN THE WOOD, CINDERELLA OR THE LITTLE GLASS SLIPPER, ALADDIN AND THE WONDERFUL LAMP and many more - some less well-known but equally enchanting all the same.

As to whether there are really any fairies or not, that is a difficult question. The Editor never saw any himself, but he knew several people who have seen them-in the Highlands-and heard their music. If ever you are in Nether Lochaber, go to the Fairy Hill, and you may hear the music yourself, as grown-up people have done, but you must go on a fine day.

Books Yellow, Red, and Green and Blue,
All true, or just as good as true,
And here's the Blue Book just for YOU!

Hard is the path from A to Z,
And puzzling to a curly head,
Yet leads to BooksGreen, Yellow and Red.

For every child should understand
That letters from the first were planned
To guide us into Fairy Land.

So labour at your Alphabet,
For by that learning shall you get
To lands where Fairies may be met.

And going where this pathway goes,
You too, at last, may find, who knows?
The Garden of the Singing Rose.

This book has been especially re-published to raise funds for: The Great Ormond Street Hospital Childrens Charity

In buying this book you will be donating to this great charity that does so much good for ill children and which also enables families to stay together in times of crisis. And what better way to help children than to buy a book of fairy tales. Some have not been seen in print or heard for over a century.
33% of the Publishers profit from the sale of this book will be donated to the GOSH Childrens Charity.