Wave and Web are two teenage turtles living happily in the waters around Australias Great Barrier Reef. Their only real worry is dodging tiger sharks, which they seem to be managing pretty well until one day theyre confronted by an even bigger marine creature a juvenile humpback whale called Davo.

He tells them of his adventures on the annual whale migration from Antarctica to warmer, tropical waters, explaining the dangers of large sharks, orcas and worse still human whalers. Finally Davo continues his journey northwards leavings the turtles to ponder the marvel of such an enormous gentle giant before they return to the safety of the reef that protects them from predators.

As with the prequel, A Tale of Two Turtles, Richard Marmans illustrations are colourfully vibrant while his fast, entertaining narration challenges the need and justification for whaling in the 21st Century, ensuring enjoyable and thought-provoking reading for children and adults alike.