Does your child have problems with spelling - even at High School? Well here is a free aid for them.

What are the words most commonly misspelled by the average high school pupil? In an endeavor to solve this problem, two thousand letters, with five postal cards in each, were sent to representative high schools in every state in the United States, requesting the heads of the various departments to report the words most commonly misspelled in their classes. From the many thousand replies, this book has been compiled.

Herein you will find 80 lessons, or lists, containing over 2,000 words, how to spell them and their meanings. A simple phrase is placed after each word, illustrating its use, and serving to identify it better than would a short, abstract definition.

You will also find words containing diphthongs, or words containing ei and ie, as well as homophones - words that have the same sound as another word but are spelled differently and have a different meanings e.g. prey and pray, or to / two / too.