HEREIN are 15 Chinese Wonder Tales from the ancient land that tall ship sailors used to romantically call Old Cathay. And well deserved these romantic allusions were, for ancient Cathay is a magnificient empire divided by the great Yangtze river and covered by a plethora of diverse and ancient cultures.

In this volume you will find the tale of THE GREAT BELL the story of emperor Yung-lo, who in 1368AD, seeking a new challenge summons Kwan-yu, the master forger, to cast a bell that will resonate with the sweetest sound ever heard. Twice he fails to get the metals to blend. His daughter, Ko-ai, learns that only the blood of the purest maiden will blend the metals and sacrifices herself leaving behind only a slipper thus saving her fathers reputation and his life. Her sacrifice resulted in the successful casting of Great Bell of Beijing. The bell is still rung to this day and it is said if you listen carefully you can still hear Ko-ai calling for her slipper.

You will also find stories like THE STRANGE TALE OF DOCTOR DOG who cures the beautiful Honeysuckle of a life threatening illness and they become lifelong friends. When Honeysuckle is of age he whisks her off to his palace in the mountains and reveals himself to her as a man. They marry and have equally beautiful children and their union gives birth to the Yus race of people.

And there are equally ancient stories like HOW FOOTBINDING STARTED, THE TALKING FISH, BAMBOO AND THE TURTLE, THE NODDING TIGER, THE PRINCESS KWAN-YIN and many more. So settle into a comfortable chair and sit back to enjoy folk tales and legends that are as old as China itself.