Discover the authentic folklore from Native American Indians with our American Indian Folk Tales Bookset.

Herein you will find 8 books containing 256 American Indian folk and fairy tales. Sit back and experience the original folklore of the American Wild West with the AMERICAN INDIAN 8 BOOK SET from Abela. The title in this series are:

ISBN, Title, #Stories, #Pages
978-0-956058-46-1 Folklore and Legends of the North American Indian, 32, 136pg
978-1-907256-15-8 American Indian Fairytales, 26, 140pg
978-1-907256-24-0 Achomawi and Atsugewi Myths and Tales, 17, 90pg
978-1-907256-25-7 Old Indian Legends (Stories from the Dakotas), 14, 114pg
978-1-907256-26-4 Indian Why Stories, 22, 150pg
978-1-907256-35-6 Maidu Texts, 18, 186pg
978-1-907256-39-4 Traditions of the Hopi, 110, 526pg
978-1-909302-18-4 Indian Legends of Vancouver Island, 17, 90pg

Ideal for parents, grandparents and lovers of fairy tales and all things magic! In addition it is a unique collection for primary/elementary school libraries. TEACHERS read a page or two from a story at the end of the school day and have your students queuing up to hear the next part of the story day-after-day.

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